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Christian Bale Biography

Born in Wales in 1974, Christian Bale was raised in the UK, Portugal and the US. Thanks to his mother, who was a circus performer, he was introduced to the world of performing at an early age and soon developed a taste for ballet and music.

Having appeared in early television commercials for fabric softener and computer games, he made his stage debut opposite Rowan Atkinson in the West End play, The Nerd.

However, his big break came in 1987 when he was cast in Steven Spielberg’s epic ‘Empire Of The Sun’. His performance as James Graham saw him walk away with the first ever ‘Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor’ award from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures. This honour and the sudden rush of attention didn’t have a completely positive affect on Bale, and he put his acting career on the back burner until Kenneth Branagh offered him a role in Henry V in 1989.

Over the next few years, Bale appeared in ‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Newsies’, which was unfortunate enough to be nominated for the ‘Worst Picture’ award at the 1992 Golden Raspberry Awards.

In 1994, Winona Ryder approached Bale to offer him a part in an adaptation of ‘Little Women’. The film was well received and Bale’s career was once again back on track. 1998 saw Bale appear in ‘Velvet Goldmine’, ‘All the Little Animals’ and the following year he appeared alongside an all star cast as Demetrius in ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’.

American Psycho in 2000 saw Bale play Patrick Bateman in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ controversial novel. The demanding role led Bale to undergo a rigorous exercise regime and, although some critics were horrified at the film’s content, it became a cult hit.

Eager to step away from typecasting after playing ‘bad’ in the 2000 version of ‘Shaft’, Bale’s next film role was in the Nicolas Cage classic ‘Captain Corelli's Mandolin’. While continuing to land the big roles, 2002 saw a run of unsuccessful films for the young actor. ‘Laurel Canyon’ and ‘Equilibrium’ failed to draw moviegoers to the box office and may have been to reason for Bale taking a year long sabbatical.

A return to form in 2004’s ‘The Machinist’ once again saw the critics praising his talents, and in the eagerly anticipated Batman Begins in 2005 he landed the lead role. Bale had long been destined to star in the Batman series and came close to playing Robin in ‘Batman Forever’, only to be piped to the post by Chris O'Donnell.

The film was a worldwide smash and Bale has signed up for a sequel due for release in 2008.

While his Hollywood star continues to rise, Bale’s private life is as far from the spotlight as possible. He married Winona Ryder’s personal assistant, Sibi Blazic, in 2000 and the couple had a baby girl in 2005.

Outside of his movie making, Bale is a keen supporter of conservation and animal welfare groups such as Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund.

Christian Bale Filmography
1986 Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna Alexei Television film
1986 Heart of the Country Ben Harris
1987 Miniseries Empire of the Sun Jamie "Jim" Graham
1987 Mio min Mio Benke Jum-Jum
1989 Henry V Falstaff's Boy
1990 Treasure Island Jim Hawkins
1991 A Murder of Quality Tim Perkins television film
1992 Newsies Jack "Cowboy" Kelley Francis Sullivan
1993 Swing Kids Thomas Berger
1994 Little Women Theodore "Laurie" Lawrence
1994 Prince of Jutland Amled
1995 Pocahontas Thomas animated film voice only
1996 The Portrait of a Lady Edward Rosier
The Secret Agent Stevie
1997 Metroland Chris Lloyd
1998 All the Little Animals Bobby Platt
1998 Velvet Goldmine Arthur Stuart
1998 All the Little Animals Bobby Platt
1999 Mary, Mother of Jesus Jesus of Nazareth Television movie
1999 A Midsummer Night's Dream Demetrius
2000 Shaft Walter Wade, Jr.
2000 American Psycho Patrick Bateman
2001 Captain Corelli's Mandolin Mandras
2002 Equilibrium Cleric John Preston
2002 Reign of Fire Quinn Abercromby
2002 Laurel Canyon Sam Bentley
2004 Howl's Moving Castle Howl
2004 The Machinist Trevor Reznik
2005 Batman Begins Bruce Wayne/Batman
2005 The New World John Rolfe
2006 The Prestige Alfred Borden
2006 Harsh Times Jim Luther Davis
2007 Rescue Dawn Dieter Dengler
2007 I'm Not There Jack Rollins/Pastor John
2007 3:10 to Yuma Dan Evans
2008 The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne/Batman
2009 Terminator Salvation John Connor
2009 Public Enemies Melvin Purvis
2010 The Fighter Dick Eklund

Christian Bale







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