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Bones Season 4

Previously on Bones: Dr. Zack Addy (Eric Millegan) was busted as Gormagon's apprentice and promptly arrested, leaving a hole in the hearts of the Jeffersonian team.

We begin tonight's new episode of Bones at Oxford University, where Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is giving some boring lecture about forensic anthropology. Booth (David Boreanaz) is asleep in the audience, snoring rather loudly. Bones asks him to stand as she acknowledges that her brand of “logical empiricism” isn't always good, citing Zack, which gets Booth riled up. The speech ends, and Bones makes googly eyes at Professor Ian Wexler.

The first British joke comes as Booth reveals he got drunk the previous night with some Scotland Yard “boobies.” Bones corrects him by calling them “bobbies,” but Booth disagrees, based on the ample cup sizes of his escorts. Cheeky monkey. Wexler gets a call from Scotland Yard about a murder, which sends the Americans to a car retrieved from the Thames that contains heiress Portia Frampton. They meet a bobby named Kate Pritchard, who along with Wexler comprise the British version of Bones and Booth. The Brits want the Yanks to help, but first Booth wants a gun.

The evidence is sent back to the Jeffersonian, where the team (along with Clark, Bones' assistant while Zack was in Iraq) gleefully accepts the remains and some proper British slime. Angela (Michaela Conlin) goes back to her office to find her mystery husband Grayson. She gives him a big kiss, then asks for a divorce. She takes him to see Cam (Tamara Taylor), who ogles him like some kind of god, though Angelia wants everyone to be cool about it for Hodgins' sake. Dr. Sweets (John Francis Daley) shows up, takes one look at Grayson and laughs. Grayson and Hodgins meet, and surprisingly, Hodgins (TJ Thyne) is not intimidated, even after learning Grayson is still in love with Angela. To distract himself, Hodgins discovers a scooter was transported in the back of the car, providing the perfect getaway vehicle for the murderer.

Back in London, Booth and Bones learn from Portia's land developing father (who Wexler works for) that she was dating Lord Harry Bonham. En route to the Duke's palace, Booth still hasn't mastered the art of driving on the other side of the road, scaring the heck out of Pritchard in the backseat. While Booth throws a temper tantrum over how much he hates England, Bones gets a call from Cam revealing Portia was two months pregnant.

The brutish Booth has no problems interrogating the stiff Duke, Duchess and Lord, learning that Portia allegedly broke it off with the Lord the day after her birthday party where a scandalous topless photo of her was taken. Angela calls up to say that the photo wasn't taken by paparazzi, but by someone who was at the party. They quickly learn the photo was taken by Portia's potential stepmother so her father would stop coddling his daughter and get married.

The next day, Hodgins confronts Grayson at the diner and tells him to sign the divorce papers. Though Hodgins acknowledges Grayson is a saint and probably a better person than he is, he's confident that he loves Angela more. They stand off outside and Grayson mentions the kiss as Angela and Sweets show up. Angela admits it, and Hodgins takes a swing at Grayson. Sweets tries to help in the fight, but trips over himself immediately. Grayson gets up and flings Hodgins into a passing garbage truck with little effort. After a talk with Sweets, Angela decides to forgive Hodgins for hitting her husband, and as they kiss, Grayson sees it and realizes he can't win. After signing the divorce papers, Cam offers Grayson a ride to the airport. They only make it as far as a hotel bedroom for a little afternoon delight.

Booth and Pritchard flirt while she gives him a gun. Angela calls to say she found a letter to Portia from her mom, who everyone is surprised to learn is still alive. Meanwhile, Wexler tries to make a move on Bones, though she dismisses it. The next morning Booth tries to park his ridiculously small car while he and Bones debate the merits of laughing during sex. Cam calls to say Portia had a rare disease that proves her father is not really her father. They confront the father and learn the letters were written on the mother's deathbed and delivered each year by a family friend.

Debris in Portia's car tires lead Bones to discover that she was at the Duke's palace shortly before she died, so the Yanks and Brits team up for more royal interrogation. Pretending to read the letter, they learn what Portia learned on her birthday when she read the letter: the Duke is her real father, meaning her boyfriend (and possible father of her baby) was really her brother! Before they can bring the Duke in for questioning, the butler admits to killing Portia. Though Booth doubts the butler really did it, the case is closed and Wexler makes one last pass at sleeping with Bones before she turns him down.

Moments before leaving for the airport, Bones gets a call and they go off to investigate a dead, charred body believed to be Wexler which Bones rules a homicide. At the Jeffersonian, Cam confesses sleeping with Grayson to Sweets. He suggests telling Angela, but that's put on hold by news of Wexler's death.

A plastic poker chip on the body leads Booth and Pritchard to a gentleman's club (which Booth is sad to learn contains no stripper poles, just actual gentlemen). The clues also lead to a rowing team that Wexler was a part of. His teammates dragged him out of the club the night before his murder to sober him up for a race. Wexler then got into a fight with a rival rower, who happens to be one of the Queen's Guards, allowing Booth to try and break the stoic guard, to no avail.

That dead end concluded, Clark informs Bones that Wexler was stabbed. Bones and Booth grow suspicious of Pritchard, as she was among Wexler's many, many sexual conquests. Pritchard is more shocked that Bones didn't sleep with him, and after handing over a letter implicating Portia's father, Pritchard suggests Bones give in and sleep with Booth.

The letter cleared a potential historical dig site for Portia's father to build on. After some investigating, they realize the letter was signed by a threat of death, but through traditional bribery. Pritchard learns one of Wexler's students named Cyril was a former member of an anti-development group that used explosives. Further bone investigation reveals the murder weapon was an old bone that proves the site Wexler approved for development was actually a historic landmark with Bronze Age skeletons. At the site, it's revealed the killer as Cyril's female excavation partner, who murdered him after Wexler wanted to give back the bribe they accepted, thus ruining their careers.

At the Jeffersonian, Cam confesses sleeping with Grayson, which Angela seems OK with until she and Hodgins star giving the cold shoulder to Cam. After lots of passive aggressive behavior, Sweets calls everyone in for a group therapy session so Cam can apologize for sleeping with Grayson and Angela and Hodgins can apologize for taking out their anger over Grayson on Cam. Later at the diner, Hodgins and Angela get into a fight over the fact that they both cared too much that Cam slept with Grayson, and the lack of trust leads them to realize they shouldn't get married. And just like that, Cam sleeping with Angela's ex-husband ends the engagement of Angela and Hodgins.

Grayson returns to say goodbye to Angela again, and after several offers to give him another ride to the airport, Clark offers to do it upon offering his resignation, because he can't deal with all the personal baggage the team has. In London, Pritchard thanks Booth and Bones before bestowing Booth with a fake knighthood.

This season on Bones: Angela and Hodgins struggle to work together after their breakup, a parade of assistants come through to try and fill Zack's shoes, and Bones dates two guys at once!

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Bones Season 4







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