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Dexter Season 3

In the Season 3 finale of Dexter, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Secrets were exposed and kept hidden. And so many loose ends were tied up quite nicely. I started watching this episode with a mixture of both excitement and sadness knowing it'll be a long wait for the Season 4.

I loved the opening scene with the close-up of Miguel and the way the camera pulled away to show the runner coming past and finding Miguel, then the time-lapse of the cop cars and fire truck and then crime scene tape being pulled across. Battista took off his hat and all the cops and fireman followed suit. It was masterfully done and a fitting tribute to the outstanding reign of Jimmy Smits. I'm not sure Miguel really deserved it, but Jimmy certainly did. I'm sorry to see Jimmy go, but Miguel sure had it coming.

Dexter's meeting with Ramon in jail was really incredible. Dex was ready to hand Ramon his head on a platter, but he actually showed Ramon compassion. He might not see it that way, but when he said you don't always have to destroy the wounded animal, sometimes it's enough just to remove the thorn, I thought it was a really touching sentiment. I was grateful that the writers didn't make Dexter kill Ramon. Killing two Prado brothers was enough. Plus, Ramon has kids.

Rita lied to Dexter for what he believed might be the first time. It throws him for a loop and he ends up researching her past. I don't know, but if you're up to those kind of shenanigans the week before your wedding, something is awry. She's been married not once, but twice before. But being the swell guy that he is, Dexter ends up giving her the lie, since he knows he has so many of his own secrets.

Another powerful scene was between Maria and Debra. Debra walked into Laguerta's office with a defensive chip on her shoulder. Angel went to Maria with info that Debra had been schtupping Anton during the case. Maria said Debra was not sacrificing her personal life for work and Debra started to have a complete meltdown. I heard in Maria's voice compassion. Anything she could do to take Miguel's power, (remember it was his ethics probe of Debra meant to hurt Dexter,) and disperse it, she was intending to do. She also showed great compassion to Debra. When she handed her the shield, I think Debra must have thought she was in a dream. Maria told her she was a pain-in-the-arse, annoying cop, but one of the damn finest. Then they ate cupcakes like Maria used to do with Ellen. Before she was dead.

All of this gave Debra permission to run to Anton and tell him the good news, that she was nuts about him and could now see him since she'd recused herself from the Skinner case. She had a choice and chose that handsome, "musician-y" guy. And I am so happy for her! Of course, as she was saying this, her phone rang and it was about the Skinner case. (She chose the Skinner in this instance!)

No sooner has Dexter said how calm he was feeling that he got knocked on the noggin by a lead pipe from the long arm of the Skinner. I gotta say, George King was looking pretty good in this episode. I guess it's because he wasn't wearing that awful baseball cap. But the scene in the tobacco warehouse, he reminded me of a taller Gael Garcia Bernal.

Harry was there to lend his support as Dexter was tied to the table in the warehouse, in a "familiar situation, and such an unfamiliar perspective." He forgave Harry and assured him he felt no fear. That was until he starting to think about becoming a father and then the two bonded over the fact that a father will do whatever he can for his son.

With relish, Dexter admited to killing Free-bo and describes the entire event with a hint of glee. He has all the power in the situation with the Skinner and knows the game too well to let it go too far. Like a wolf caught in a trap, he opts to gnaw off his foot to escape, or in this case, he breaks his hand to survive, then with smug satisfaction snaps the Skinner's neck and tosses his body from the rafters, managing to get out before the police saw him. Debra alerted the force to the Skinner's location and proved once again why she was just promoted to Detective.

And finally, the wedding we've been waiting for all season. Rita looked stunning in her dress and big fake bun, and Dexter needed help getting the rabbit safely down the hole. Debra looked pretty hot for a best man in a red dress. Dexter started to feel comfortable in the new suit he was wearing, that of a man in a life he, nor Harry, thought he could live. Striving for normalcy is finally paying off. He has his new wife, his happy home and a son on the way, "Demented Daddy Dexter." With a new outlook on the code and the excitement Dex felt killing someone who did not fit the code, things may get rather bumpy next time around.  But for now, his secret is safe for a while longer.

Rounding out the final episode with the best lines:
• "Sounds like I'm marrying a unicorn."
• "I hate polite killers."
• "You're like valium."
• "You're like red-bull."
• "...And it's 'Detective'."
• "Enough of this sappy sh*t; let's get you f*ckin' hitched!"

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