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Family Guy Season 7

Back from the off season, Family Guy returns with an all new episode, but was it worth the wait? Read this week's recap!

On this week's Family Guy premiere, Bonnie Swanson finally goes into labor and delivers a new addition to the cast! Financially affected, Joe takes extreme measures to obtain money to pay off the hospital bills, while Stewie finds love at first sight with the Swanson's new daughter.

After years and years of being pregnant, Bonnie finally delivers a baby girl named Susie who catches Stewie's eye.  For those of you who saw this week's episode, you will agree that the coming of this child was not as easy it seemed. No, not at all! Thankfully, Peter took care of it.

Annoyed by the fact that Bonnie removes Joe from their manly bonding, Peter and the guys decide it is time to force Bonnie into labor. How so? By playing Two and a Half Men. Peter believes if the baby-to-be-born does not pop out to change the channel, he/she is most likely brain dead. A few moments later, Bonnie goes into labor and out comes beautiful baby Susie.

Stewie immediately falls in love with Susie and decides to write her a song, yet simply cannot find the write words to sing.  After much thinking, the best Stewie thinks of is a song titled "Susie," which went a little something like this: "Susie. You're a baby...." That is all. After several more attempts throughout the episode, Stewie creates a music video that turns out to be a nod to the Bryan Adams hit, Everything I Do, I Do It For You.  Perhaps the most entertaining portion of this week's episode, the video, as noted by Brian, had no storyline whatsoever.  It consisted of Stewie being lonely and dying.  Pointless? Well, I'm not sure about that. Entertaining? Most definitely!

The third plot in this week's episode was Joe's hospital bill. Being in the hole, Joe begins to work other jobs and even gets involved with a few loan sharks. Realizing this is not the way to go, Peter convinces Joe and the guys to steal from Lois' father, Mr. Carter Pewterschmidt.  The theft scene was, as this week's title suggests, adopted from Ocean's Eleven. When the money is finally in their hands, Lois convinces Joe to not steal. The end.

This week's episode was full of laughs and traditional Family Guy humor that makes it what it is - a great American pop-culture sitcom.  With scenes such as Stewie's music video and Peter's vodka-lemonade stand, what's not to love about Family Guy and this week's episode, Ocean's Three and a Half? OK, well there is always something not worth loving. My pick for this week? The Christian Bale audio segment. Don't get me wrong, it was hilarious, but it did drag out much longer than it ever needed to be.

With all that being said, I rate this week's episode of Family Guy a 7 out of 10. It definitely kept us laughing, but still showed signs of a car running on an empty tank of gas with the long Christian Bale scene. This episode was definitely filled with great moments and references. Another favorite was Quagmire's reference to the New York Knicks. Sorry New York, I'm a Philadelphia man.

What were your takes on this week's episode? Name your favorite clips! What's your rating? Are you looking forward to The Clevelands later this year? Or are you expecting Family Guy with the only change being the skin-tone of the main characters?

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Family Guy Season 7







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