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TV show reviews

South Park Season 13

The Ring successfully pokes fun at Disney, The Jonas Brothers, Grey's Anatomy, and purity rings. The premise is that the CEO of the Disney company (Mickey Mouse) uses the Jonas Brothers' attractiveness to market them to little girls, but the band must wear purity rings so that the parents think their girls' obsession with the band is harmless. Hilarity ensues as Mickey Mouse yells curses at the Jonas Brothers for even thinking of not wanting to wear the purity rings.

Margaritaville uses the crumbling economy for the plot setting. As most people's bank accounts have disappeared and there is "suddenly no money," Randy starts preaching in the streets that people have "turned [their] backs on the economy and incurred the economy's wrath." He tells them to wear bed sheets instead of spending money on clothes and ride on camels instead of spending money on cars, creating a biblical-looking setting. Soon, Kyle starts telling people that it's okay to spend money as long as they believe in their money, and a townsperson tells Randy that "a young Jew is speaking blasphemy among the people." The episode ends with Kyle paying for everyone's debts with credit card that has no spending limit, and the media thanking Barak Obama for returning the economy to a stable state.

Pinewood Derby shows the digression of world leaders when they stumble upon what they believe to be the bank of the universe. A man dressed in a poor alien costume comes to South Park making demands, and when the town finds out the alien has a lot of money, they kill him and distribute the money among the world leaders. Two alien cops come down, ask why Mexico has suddenly built water parks around their borders, and Randy claims he has no idea. The cops eventually tell them that the money was a set up to see if the world was worthy of entering the galactic community, and leave them in their embarrassment.

Fatbeard, the last episode of the season, shows an ignorant Eric Cartman wanting to run away to Somalia to be a pirate. When he finds the pirate community and tries to train them to be more stereotypical, one of the pirates yells at Cartman for wasting his free education.

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